Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Kayla tagged me so here we go....

8 favorite TV shows:

1- Jon and Kate plus 8
2- Rachael Ray
3- Thirty Minute Meals
4- Dr. Phil
5- Good Things Utah
6- Amazing Race
7- Deal or No Deal(boys love this one)
8- The Apprentice( Tyson's favorite)

8 books you recommend:

1- Twilight
2- New Moon
3- Eclipse
4- Breaking Dawn
5- A Walk to Remember
6- The Rescue
7- Message in a Bottle
8- Book of Mormon

8 things that happened yesterday:

1- took the kids to school
2- went to the grocery store
3- emptied and loaded the dishwasher
4- laundry
5- vacuumed
6- picked the kids up from school
7- made dinner
8- watched TV

8 things to look forward to:

1- Twilight(haven't gone yet. Does anybody want to go with me?)
2- Thanksgiving
3- Having Jason actually have a day off work
4- Going to the bookstore
5- Pedicure
6- getting hardwood floors for the front room
7- having the basement finished
8- losing thirty pounds

8 things on MY wish list

1- Going to a remote island with Jason
2- A money tree so Jason doesn't have to work so hard
3- A trip to Disney World with the family
4- A hot tub in the backyard
5- A maid
6- Having the boys not fight for one day
7- Clothes
8- A girl

8 things I love about fall:

1- Halloween
2- Hee Haws
3- Not having a huge power bill
4- Cuddling with Jason because I'm cold
5- Taking rides to see the leaves change
6- School is in session
7- Thanksgiving
8- Getting ready for Christmas

8 people I tag:

1- Janel
2- Brandy
3- Heather L
4- Sandra
5- Darla
6- Kristy E.
7- Andrea T.
8- Cori

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Family updates....

I thought that I would take a few minutes and tell you what we have been up to. It seems like our lives never slow down.

Curtis and Connor: Let's just say I don't think you will ever meet two little guys that can get into so much trouble in such a little bit of time. What one doesn't think of the other one will. They have learned to love their time out chairs. They love Pre School!!!! They love their teacher Miss Lisa(I love her too). They always know when they have school. They both got haircuts this week. Their haircuts were done by dad. Jason was sick of telling me to call and get them an appointment but I always forgot. So one night after dinner Jason went and got his trimmers and started cutting Curtis' hair.

Curtis before dad got ready to cut his hair
during the hair cut

The finished look.

Connor's turn

during the hair cut

Connor is all done.
They were so excited that dad had cut their hair that they told anybody that would listen. Good Job Jason they boys love their haircuts.

Tyson: Wow this kid is growing!!! He loves school and has tons of friends. He says his favorite part of school is eating school lunch and recess. I think that is typical for a first grader. He has great teacher. He always tells me that Miss Bailey rocks. He loves to read. He always has a book and wants to read. He just started reading chapter books. His favorite series is Jigsaw Jones Mysteries. He also loves to read about animals and dumpy the dump truck(he read those books in Kindergarten and he felt so big because he was the only one reading a real book). He is a funny kid ask our families. While Jason was cutting the twins hair he asked Tyson if he wanted his hair cut too. Tyson looked at Jason and said no I have nice hair and Becca has to cut it. This past week Tyson lost his first tooth. Yay!!! The first day he noticed that it was loose he was so excited and was worried that he would swallow it. A few days later he was at school eating lunch and his tooth came out. He swallowed his first tooth. Needless to say he was sad because he thought the tooth fairy wouldn't come. Everybody told him that the tooth fairy would still come and that she knew that he had lost a tooth. The next morning about 6:15 in the morning he got up to go use the bathroom and he left the bathroom light on. So I got up to go turn it off and Tyson opens the door and yells "Mom, look what the tooth fairy left. ONE DOLLAR!!!" Needless to say we were up very early that day. Here are some pictures of Tyson on the day he lost he first tooth.

Jason: Jason is finally well after being sick for about month. He had to take a couple days off work to stay in bed. He is staying busy working full time for Doug Smith. He has picked up several side jobs to make extra money. If Jason isn't working on cars he is usually found out helping people out or at the gym.

Heather: I spend my days taking care of the house and the boys. Between trying to keep the house clean, keeping up on my laundry, and helping the boys I don't find alot of extra time. I love that I have had a couple of girls nights out. I also got my hair cut and colored.

Well there you have it. Now you know what we have been up too. We hope that all of you have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

They couldn't wait

This morning we woke up to snow on the ground. The twins were really excited when they saw the snow on our deck. They kept telling me that they needed to get their snow shovels and start shoveling. I told them that the snow would melt and that they didn't need to shovel. After everyone was dressed. I started doing Tyson's hair. After I got Tyson's hair done I went to find the twins since it was their turn. I went into the front room, where I assumed they would be, and they weren't there. Then I heard noises coming from the backyard. The twins were in the backyard on the deck shoveling snow. I guess they couldn't wait to get out and start shoveling. Here are some pictures of them shoveling. Curtis has the beanie on and Connor has the ball cap on.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween seems to get busier and busier as the kids get older. On Tuesday we had our ward Halloween party so the kids got to dress up. Tyson was Captain Jack Sparrow. Connor was Buzz Lightyear. Curtis was a cowboy. He was supposed be Woody but we liked this costume better. If you ask him he was still Woody. On Wednesday the twins had a Halloween party at pre-school so another day of dressing up. Finally Halloween arrived. What a busy day. Tyson had a school costume parade. Then I helped with his class party. Then after school we went to Doug Smith and did their trunk or treat there. We could have stopped there because we got tons of candy. But couldn't. Next it was to time to go trick or treating. We went to all the Grandma's and Grandpa's houses. I was grateful when we were done. We went home and went to bed. Now I just have to make the boys don't eat all their candy at once. I'm glad that the costumes are put away until next year. Hopefully we can have a break before we start getting ready for Christmas.
Our Cowboy Curtis getting ready for pre school. His favorite thing was to
take of his hat and say "yee haw"

Connor being Buzz for his pre school party

Woody and Buzz best friends forever

Tyson in the school parade

Trick or treating to Uncle Matt and Alisha. Uncle
Matt gave them handfuls of candy.

Next we went to Uncle Jan's and Aunt Cindy's house.
We just love the Goodrich's

Here are some more random pictures of the boys on Halloween night.!!


On thursday night we decided that we would carve our pumpkins. We only got one done becuase Jason didn't get home from work until 6:30 and by the time we got dinner over and cleaned up we only had time for one pumpkin. Tyson wanted a pirate pumpkin. So we have found a pattern online and got to work.

Jason starting to carve the pumpkin.

Tyson trying to get out the guts

He got some

Curtis helping get the guts out

Connor getting a big handful

Our pirate pumpkin. Jason did a great job.

The pumpkin all lit up

After we had finished we put the boys to bed and Mom got to clean up. Thanks goodness Jason had the boys put all the guts on cookie sheet. Easy Clean up.


Last Saturday we went to Hee Haws with Jason's sister's. It was really fun. We first started with the hayride. For the hayride they took us around in a circle where they had people dressed up throwing candy into the wagon. After the hayride we went onto the corn maze. We made it through the first phase just fine and then we started the second. Well we got lost on that phase. Somehow we ended up coming out the entrance. The only kid that noticed was Tyson because he read the sign. All the little kids enjoyed the corn maze because we were the only ones in it and Jason would take them ahead of us and go hide. Every time they went to hide to scare us we made a big deal when the called out BOO!! Carter was so excited that he scared me he came up and gave me a hug and then decided to bite me in the bum. Then we went to the huge slide that they had in the courtyard. The boys couldn't get enough they kept wanting to do it over and over. Jason even went down but my camera's batteries died so I didn't get a picture. Then we went to the pig races. When it was the adults turn to catch them Janel, Julianne, and Lindsey(Julianne's friend)decided to go catch them. But there was a catch because it was the Adults. They had to kiss the pigs. I'm grateful that I didn't volunteer to do it. They all kissed their pigs and won a free pass to the nighttime activities. Later that night Jason wanted to go to a haunted house. It had been 8 years since we went to one. So we went with Janel and Trent. I always get scared and have to hold onto Jason. I think that is why Jason likes to go. It was alot a fun.

All the boys posing for a picture.

Getting ready for the hayride

Curtis going for some candy

Connor's turn

Tyson finding candy in the hay

Curtis going down the slide(look at the hair he needs a haircut)

Connor just starting out

Tyson looking scared but realized it was fun.