Monday, January 19, 2009

Day Out With Dad

Earlier last week Jason called me from work and was wondering if he could take Tyson shooting on Saturday. I told him that he would have to ask Tyson. I didn't think Tyson would want to go because he is more of I don't want to get dirty type of person and he doesn't like loud noises. Jason asked Tyson if he wanted to go with him. Tyson said yes. I was happy becasue ever since we had the twins Tyson doesn't get much one on one time with Jason. Jason was thrilled. If you know Jason he loves to be in the outdoors weather it is hunting, shooting, fishing, or just taking his truck off roading. So Saturday afternoon they headed out to the West desert. They stopped by Walmart to get some Ammo and some beer. Jason told Tyson that the only good reason to buy beer is for shooting because they explode. They also stopped by Subway to get sandwiches. They had a blast. Jason taught Tyson about Gun safety and how to shoot at targets. Their targets included beer cans, empty pop cans. and frozen water bottles. Tyson can't wait to go again.

Dad and Tyson going over gun safety.

Jason helping Tyson line up his target.

Getting ready to shoot

Getting ready to shoot

Tyson hit his target.

Christmas through New Years

Wow, since it has been awhile I thought it was about time to post about our Christmas and New Year. Tyson got to decorate gingerbread houses again this year at School. I got to go in and help. I think that is one of my favorite things to do with him and his Class. I'm grateful that my dad is willing to watch Curtis and Connor so I can go help in Tyson's class. Also at Tyson's School they have a Christmas program where all the grades sing Christmas songs. They do one it the morning and one in the afternoon. I decided to go to the afternoon one so I could here my nephew Daniel sing. Tyson did a great job his grade sang two songs. The Songs were Must be Santa and Deck the Malls. All the kids did a great job. For Christmas Eve we went over to my parents. My parents always have a little party for the grand kids that include a visit from one Santa's helpers that have a couple of little presents for them. This year our Santa helper couldn't make it because he had double knee replacement. We sure did miss him and hopefully he will be there next year. All the kids were disappointed that "Santa" couldn't make it this year. My parents decided that they still got the presents. All the grand kids got new PJ's. I love this tradition because it reminds me off all the Christmas parties that my grandma and grandpa Prestwich would have. After the party it was time to go home and watch a Christmas movie. We usually watch the Polar Express but I wasn't in the mood. So we watched the Santa Clause. After the movie was over and the boys were asleep it was time for me and Jason to get busy. On Christmas Morning the twins woke up way to early and we told them to go back to bed. Finally around seven we told them to go get Tyson up. The boys got clothes, transformers and legos. Jason got Guitar Hero. I got a laundry sorter. Jason and I(mostly it was for me) got a kitchen aid mixer from my parents. I was totally excited. After we got our Christmas presents opened and we were dressed we headed over to Jason's parents for Christmas Breakfast. This is a tradition that started when Jason was kid. He would go to his Grandma and Grandpa Hunter's for breakfast with all of the family. I did get to go the year before his Grandma died. I couldn't believe that almost all the family came. After we had opened our presents there we headed home. The rest of the day was spent play the Wii. Uncle Matt came up and played with us for awhile. Tyson really liked having Uncle Matt to play with him. For dinner he headed to Mi Ranchito. I know that sounds crazy that we go there but we do. We usually get it to go because the boys are into playing with their toys and they don't want to stop playing.

For New Years we went over to Jason's parents to play games. We stayed tere until about 10 then headed home because we were tired. Tyson decided that he wanted to stay up until midnight. He some how convinced Lindsey to stay up with him. So him and Lindsey watched Return to Neverland until midnight then went to bed. Oh how I would love to have the energy that he has to stay up until midnight.

Tyson singing in the school program

My nephew Daniel.

Tyson showing off his BYU hoodie.
Tyson loves BYU.

Tyson opening his legos

Connor and his legos.
He didn't feel good the reason from the puke bowl.

Curtis and his Legos