Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Jason has this obesession with cars and trucks. He loves to fix them(so if any you need your car fix call Jason his rate is cheap). We have had more than 20 cars since we have been married. Jason loves to get older cars and then he fixes them up to sell. This is great it brings in extra money. Sometimes he sees something and has to have it. Well today at work he saw something and he had to have it. So now we own a 2005 dodge 2500 truck. Jason says it is the kind of truck he has always wanted. I do have to admit it is a nice a truck and it will help Jason haul around his tools when he has to fix a car. Like I said in my last post me and jason have dated for ten years. Instead of getting flowers from Jason, Jason got a truck. I know that Jason and the boys will love it becuase they can take off roading. One day Jason says he is buying a jeep so he can go to Moab and do the jeep thing with the boys. We will have to see about that one. I hope that this truck will stick around our house for a very long time.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Tomorrow will be ten years since mine and Jasons first date. I can't believe it has been ten years already. I remember the first time I met Jason. Jason had some friends that always got together to go do things. My friend happened to be in the group. She called me one night and asked me what I was doing. Of course I was doing nothing, I just got off work. She said come over to some house and watch a movie. So I went over and we watched some boring movie that I slept through. Jason was there that night but I didn't really get to talk to him. Jason noticed me, he told me later that he heard someone say ask her out. A few nights later this group and me went to get ice cream. Somehow I ended up in Jason's car alone with him. I think it was planned out. After our quick trip to Baskin and Robbins Jason asked our friend to set him up with me. So when she called asked me if I would go out with him. I said sure, I planning on going on a mission so I needed to get in all the fun I could. That night we met at our friends house and headed out for dinner. Jason and I rode in a truck with one Jason's friends. We made small talk all the way to the Cracker Barrell. For dinner I had country fried steak and I think Jason had pork chops. On the way home Jason put his hand on my leg. What was weird was that I wasn't freaking out, I usually did freak out about things like that. So when we got back from dinner he gave me a hug good night and he asked if he could call me in a couple days. I said sure, thinking if he did great and if he didn't great. He called me two days later and we hung out. He called on Sunday(it had been 4 days since our first date)asked if we could go for a drive and talk. I said yes, all I had going was ward prayer. He picked me up and then we started heading towards his house. So I met his family that day. Then we went for a drive(that is when we held hands for the first time) and had a great talk. He asked me what I wanted out of life and what kind of husband I wanted. I told him the things that I wanted and then I told him about my plans of serving a mission. Later after he dropped me off I started to think about weather I should turn in my papers or not. I decided that I wouldn't turn in my papers and see where this went after all I was having a great time and I was strarting to really like Jason. So on Tuesday we went to the park and I told him that I wasn't turning in my papers yet. That night as he walked me to the door he kissed me. Yes that is right not even a week of knowing each other he kissed me. Now I was freaking out. I guess I stopped freaking out becuase we got married on June 17, 1999.

We have been through alot together. We have been through good times and bad times together and we have made it out stronger than ever. I am grateful Jason listened to the spirit and did ask me out. I love Jason more today than I did on the day I fell in love with him. I hope our next ten years will be filled with more good times, laughter and trip to Hawaii without the kids.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Monday was Jason's birthday. He turned 31, wow he is getting old now. We out to dinner as a family to celebrate and for FHE. We took him Los Hermanos for dinner. The boys think that is the coolest place to go for your birthday because you get free ice cream. Of course Dad shared his ice cream with the boys. Since it had been awhile since me and Jason had a date night I surprised him and got a babysitter for tonight. We ended up eating at Red Lobster because they had their endless shrimp sell going. It was great. We both ate to much. After dinner we decided that we would go to the mall because I needed new bra's. After I found what I needed we walked the mall. Did you know there was a fire in the mall? I guess our life is boring if you think a fire at the mall is actual news. So we had a great time just being together alone without the boys. I love my husband with all my heart. He is my best friend.

5 reasons why I love my husband:

1- He treats me so much better than I treat him.

2- He brings me flowers when I have a bad with boys or if we were fighting.

3- He is a worthy priesthood holder. He never says no when I ask him for a blessing.

4- He looks great bald(he bics his head becuase he is going bald. He always says might as well help it along).

5- I could list a whole lot more but the most important is that he loves me for me and that will never change.

Babe- Thank you for being such a great husband and dad, even though you did talk me into buy a mini-van(J/K). Thank you for working so hard to support the family so I can stay home and take care the boys. You are the love of my life.
Love- Heather