Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had the best Mother's day weekend. Jason decided to take the week off because my baby brother Matt got married on Friday. So I took full advantage of Jason being home. On Monday I went and got my nails done. On Tuesday Jason had to go pick up a washer and dryer for Matt so I sent Curtis and Connor with him. Since they were gone all day I went and got my hair colored and cut. Four hours of just me time it was great!! After I got my hair done my mom and sister-in-law decided we needed pedicures. As we were picking out nail polish I thought I should do something fun and exciting so I went with bright green. You should have seen my mom's face. Wednesday and Thursday I just spent playing with the boys. Then Friday came the big day!! As we walked into the marriage waiting room at the temple I just started to cry. My mom's uncle and aunt from Mesa came up to surprise Matt(Matt lived with them for almost 3 months last summer). When I saw my mom's uncle I thought of my Grandpa that had passed away about seven years ago. I really miss him. I didn't stop crying until the end of the ceremony. The reception was great. Everything was perfect. It was so bright and refreshing. Their colors were black, white, and apple green(the reason for the green nail polish). There were flowers every where. It was nice to see all my old ward members and get to talk to them. It was great because because most of my extended family stayed until the end. It was great seeing my cousins(Shelly, Ashley, April and her two cutest boys ever, Brooke and her little boy, and Melissa) that I haven't seen for years. I hope that we can see each other more often. We got invited to stay up at my Aunt Barbara's house in Portland. Since Jason has a cousin that lives there and we have friends that live we are really thinking about coming up there. Then my wonderful uncle Duane invited us for a week end at his cabin. This one we are going to do because as soon as much uncle announced that he had a herd of elk that eats his grass Jason got really excited. I do have to say I have the best family. On Saturday we did nothing. Tyson had his last soccer game. On Sunday my day started out early. I woke up around four thirty to one of the kids coughing. I didn't really think any of it. If the kids needed something they would come and get me. A few seconds later the bathroom light came on so I got up to see who was up and if they needed something. As I started down the hall I knew what was going on. Poor Tyson was throwing up. So after he was done in the bathroom I went to tuck him back in bed thinking that he had made it to the toilet. I was wrong he threw up all over his bed and on his floor. So there I was cleaning the floor and tearing his bed apart I made the decision that all the kids were going to stay home from church. I know probably not the best decision but I haven't heard a full talk because the kids always need something. So I went to church alone which was nice and I got to hear and actually pay attention to all the talks. After church we made dinner and watched a movie. It was a great day.

Jason spoiled this year about a month ago we were going to Park City to see If I could find me a dress or a skirt for Matt's wedding. I ended up with three new dresses and two new pair of shoes for Mother's day. Thanks babe!! The boys each gave me a cook book that they made in school. My parents gave me a flower pot from the Crandalls green house. My mom also let Jason take home one of the flower arrangements from the wedding since he wanted to give me flowers too. So as you can see I had a great Mother's day weekend.