Sunday, April 5, 2009

Finally a new post...

Did you miss me? It seems like life just gets busier and busier for us. Sorry that we don't have any pictures in this post. What have we done? First Jason helped his dad cut down a tree in their backyard. That took up a whole Saturday. The boys loved to watch them to take down the tree. Next Tyson started spring soccer. He has played to two games. The first game was totally nice and warm and the next game we were standing in the rain watching. Don't you just love the spring weather. We are getting ready to plant a garden in our backyard. Because of all the storms I haven't gotten the peas in that I want to grow. I'm hoping that we can get them in this week or it will be to late to plant them. We asked the boys what they wanted to plant and they said corn, squash, and watermelon. About 2 years ago Tyson asked our neighbors, Stan and Stella, if we could grow watermelon. They told Tyson that they have never tried to grow one but they would. So they gave us a watermelon that never made it to our garden, but they planted about two plants that year to see if they could grow it. Now they grow it every year for Tyson. I have the best neighbors!!!

This weekend is General Conference. I love this weekend. I love that I don't have to get dressed on Sunday if I don't want to. Yesterday was busy for us. I had Alisha, that's Matt fiancee, bridal Shower. I want to thank everyone who reads this that came. It was really nice. Alisha, I hope you like the fondue pot!! I'm excited to have her be my sister-in-law!! She is so cute!!!!! I Can't believe that they get married in a month!! We also had the annual Goodrich Easter Egg Hunt. Jason took the boys to it since I was at the shower. Don't I have the best husband? The boys came home with enough candy that the Easter Bunny doesn't have to bring them any. They were excited to tell me all about it. Thank you Aunt Cindy, Uncle Jan, Janson, Kayla, MarLyn, and Janae. My boys look forward to it all year. Thanks for inviting us every year. You guys are the greatest!!(I asked Jason to take the camera to the Easter egg hunt so we could get some pictures but trying to help the twins he didn't get any. I totally understand why. Some hopefully we can get pictures next Sunday.)

Spring break starts on the 13th I hope that it is good weather so the boys can enjoy being outside. Hopefully we can do something fun while the boys are out of school. I want warm weather so I can get my rollerblades on start getting back in shape.