Saturday, December 8, 2012

Does Food = Memories?

I have thought about this is question alot the last couple of weeks.  The answer I got was YES.  This year we went to my families Thanksgiving dinner.  We had what we have every year but we tried to introduce a couple of new things too.  We had turkey that was stuffed with stuffing just like my grandma used to do.  We used her stuffing recipe which is always delish.  When it came time for desert my mom surprised us with carrot pudding and caramel sauce.  Carrot pudding is something that my grandma always made at thanksgiving every year with fail.  My grandpa just loved it!!  So growing up us kids learned to love it.  As I took i bite of the pudding my mind went back to the years that we had thanksgiving dinner down at my grandmas.  I remember sitting at the table with grandpa one morning and having carrot pudding for breakfast.  Thank goodness my grandma had to work.  I remember one time on the day after thanksgiving I decided that I wanted to stay with my grandma and grandpa.  I was having a bowl carrot pudding for snack when I looked over at my grandmas and told her that I needed to go over to the store and talk to my grandpa(my grandpa owned a furniture store).  When she asked why I told her I needed a TV in my room since my brothers got one.  Needless to say that my grandpa had a hard time saying no to me since I was his only granddaughter.
As I sat there eating the pudding this year I remembering how good it tasted all those years ago.  My sister-in-laws tried and they said it was just o.k.  They thought it was going to be out of this world by the way my brothers and I talked about it.  Then my sister-in-law said it is probably all the memories that come with it that makes it so good. 
Tonight we had homemade noodles for dinner.  As I was making them for the first time was praying that they would turn out.  The only time I have had homemade noodles is when my other grandma made them.  I remember the first time I tried them.  I was sitting in her front room and eating them with hot french bread with my cousins.  We were probably watching some show that my grandpa was watching.  I remember thinking these are so good I could eat these everyday.  I remember she made them for me when I had my wisdom teeth out.  She made them for me when I came home from the hospital after having the twins.  I remember her showing up at my door with them after I had a miscarriage.
My grandmas probably didn't realize that they were making memories that I will never forget when they were making these.  They probably just made them to make them.  Now that I have family and the boys are growing up.  I want them to have they same type of memories.  I hope that one day  if they ever have stew that they will remember that I used to make it every year on the first day that it snows.  When theyeat Chinese I want them to remember about the Christmas Eve parties we had where we made homemade Chinese food.  This year as we continue are tradition of watching The Polar Express on Christmas eve and I want to include homemade hot chocolate with it.  I hope that they will continue on that tradition of watching that movie and having hot chocolate.  I want them to have the same pancakes that Jason had growing up because that is what his grandmas made.  I want them to have the memories that come with food that I have.
I don't know where this blog is going.  It was suppose to be so I could keep with everything that we were doing but half the time I forgot my camera or I didn't know how to write it.  Hopefully here is to blogging a lit bit more.

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